How many NANO is the genesis balance?

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I was looking for an ecological cryptocurrency and heard about NANO who sounds very promising.

In chapter "IV. SYSTEM OVERVIEW" of the whitepaper "Nano: A Feeless Distributed Cryptocurrency
Network", the capitalization of the system is described as the sum of all account balances, which will never exceed the initial genesis balance:

The system is initiated with a genesis account containing
the genesis balance. The genesis balance is a fixed quantity
and can never be increased. The genesis balance is divided and
sent to other accounts via send transactions registered on the
genesis account-chain. The sum of the balances of all accounts
will never exceed the initial genesis balance which gives the
system an upper bound on quantity and no ability to increase

However, I couln't find anywhere what the upper bound of the capitalization is, i.e. the maximal number of NANOs --those released to accounts and those still in the genesis balance.

So, where is this defined and what is the maximal number of releasable NANOs ?


Hello and welcome!
Here you can find information about the number of Nano:
133,248,297 Nano have been distributed.
There's no Nano left in the genesis account. All of the initially created Nano have been distributed or burned.
Binance actually has a pretty nice overview of Nano.


Hello zergtoshi,

Thank you for your explanation and the link.

More details about the genesis of NANO here:

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