How do I update my node to the latest version (Docker / Ubuntu)?

I’m running the node in a docker container on Ubuntu.

If you already are running it in a docker container it’s very easy.
Check current version:

curl -g -d '{ "action": "version" }' '[::1]:7076' 

Check running containers:

docker ps

Copy the container ID. Now stop your node with

docker stop <containerID>

You will now fetch the lastest docker image from the repository:

sudo docker pull nanocurrency/nano

Or if you want a certain version like so (possible versions here):

sudo docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V19.0

Then you can start the docker but I would suggest give it a unique name. That way you can go back to it next time you upgrade without doing anything.

docker run -d --name nano190 --restart unless-stopped -p 7075:7075 -p [::1]:7076:7076 -v ~:/root nanocurrency/nano

Or if specific version:

docker run -d --name nano190 --restart unless-stopped -p 7075:7075 -p [::1]:7076:7076 -v ~:/root nanocurrency/nano:V19.0

Check if running:

docker ps

Check if new version:

curl -g -d '{ "action": "version" }' '[::1]:7076' 

Next time you can stop and start it with:

docker stop nano190
docker start nano190