How do I restore my wallet seed into a node that has fresh a install

Are these a set of linux commands that will restore my wallet based on a seed?

First, you will have to enable RPC calls if you have not already done that. You will go to the node directory and open up the config.json file. Then make sure you have

“rpc_enable”: “true”
“enable_control”: “true”

Now you will need to create a new fresh wallet:

curl -d ‘{“action”:“wallet_create”}’ [::1]:7076

Copy the WALLET_ID and input in next command to restore your WALLET_SEED:

curl -d ‘{“action”:“wallet_change_seed”, “wallet”:“WALLET_ID”, “seed”:“WALLET_SEED​”}’ [::1]:7076

Now you can list your accounts to check if it’s loaded correctly:

curl -d ‘{“action”:“account_list”, “wallet”:“WALLET_ID”}’ [::1]:7076

If you don’t see any account or the account you need, you can generate it (or several) if needed. They will always be generated in the same order regardless of which wallet you use.

curl -d ‘{“action”:“account_create”, “wallet”:“WALLET_ID​​​​​​​”}’ [::1]:7076

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