How do I clear unchecked blocks in my node?

Node has over 1000 unchecked blocks but is 100% in sync, is it possible to make them zero again?

First, you will have to enable RPC calls if you have not already done that. You will go to the node directory and open up the config.json file. Then make sure you have

rpc_enable": "true"
"enable_control": "true"

Let’s say your node address is “::ffff:” with port 7076 you would run the following command:

curl -g -d '{ "action": "unchecked_clear" }' '[::1]:7076'

It will give you a “success” and your block count should be back at 0. You can check with:

curl -g -d '{ "action": "block_count" }' '[::1]:7076'

Some unchecked blocks are expected is does normally not indicate any problems.