How can I participate and make Nano better?

Nano seems to be a really nice crypto coin, how can I help and be part of it?

We love to see people contributing within the Nano community! Everyone has different skill-sets and interests, so we would like to encourage those who want to participate to explore and find what interests them.

For example, some people help by running a node, or hosting a web-service related to Nano. Others have created web pages designed to help Nano users find resources and other helpful links, such as Some people help by simply accepting Nano for goods or services they offer. Other, more adventurous community members, have developed new and creative ways to utilize Nano, such as with the recent Nano + Unreal Engine integration.

Contributing to Nano doesn’t always mean coding something though. Most Nano users help the network greatly by simply picking a representative from their wallet. Others have also made wallpapers or other graphics designed to spread awareness. And finally some users spread awareness through word of mouth and written articles about Nano or cryptocurrency in general.

Feel free to explore other Nano resources and find what suits you best! If you can’t find something to help with and still want to contribute, reach out to a community manager or moderator to see if there are other ways to help out.

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