How can I help to make nano more decentralized?

Nano seems to have a really good decentralization model. What can a normal user do to improve it even further?

  • Please have a look at this video on How To Change Representative
  • The first thing a Nano user should do is to move their Nano off of exchanges. This lowers the amount of voting power the largest wallets (exchanges) have, and increases decentralization by reducing the effect any one entity can have.
  • Once a Nano user has moved their funds from an exchange, the next best and easiest thing to do is to choose a representative within the wallet. With a well chosen representative, the voting weight is spread out more evenly across Nano’s network, and with time the network will become more decentralized and robust.
  • Some wallets suggest representatives based on a scoring model (measuring uptime and voting weight of the representative), and some choose official reps by default. If a Nano user really wants to help decentralize the network, the best way is to find a favourite node as human decisions strengthen the network. Good rep lists can be found at and
  • Users can also set up a node themselves and try reach the top list by gaining trust. Preferably this would either be in an area where there are not too many other nodes, or on a VPS host not used by many other Nano nodes. You can get more information regarding the status of node decentralization from this node map.
  • Other good suggestions can be found in this post and upcoming similar posts. It’s a great summary of current decentralization status.
  • Please join us in the #decentralise channel on Nano Discord
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Thanks for the detailed write up on how to change your representative. But I'm still having trouble finding a guide on how to change my representative on the Ledger nano S. The default representative is NanoVault so I can see why it has so much voting weight. I think a guide like this could need more exposure.

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Changing rep on Ledger is the same as changing it in nanovault. It's very easy.

  1. Connect and import your ledger
  2. Settings -> Representatives
  3. Accounts to change -> Choose rep from recommended or type in -> Update Rep
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