I made a withdrawal from binance 2 days ago to my wirex wallet , this is what I found a out the transaction but not binance said withdraw already sent wirex said it was pending , can I told me where my withdraw gone since they both told me to go ask other side .....

Hi there!
If you check the details by clicking/tapping on the hash (A850...), what does it say in the "Original Block Content" area at "confirmed"? Does it look like this?

"confirmed": "true",

This is what it shows on nanolooker

But on nanocrawler it was like this

The relevant part is:

"confirmed": "false",

Basically Binance needs to fix this, unless the Binance node received a confirmation, which the Nanolooker node didn't receive.
Anyway the receiving end can't create a receive block, if the send block to them hasn't been confirmed on their node.
Are you aware that NANO is currently subject to a spam attack? As terrible as it is, give it some time.

Nanocrawler is behind:

Thanks atleast I know where and what sure I do I'm happy to be waiting , the last two days I was so confused

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Yeah, sorry, the current situation isn't great, but it's getting addressed and will get better.

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I'm probably misunderstanding the numbers, but how can confirmation take so long? According to the average confirmation time is ~100s right now, yet A850FEB74D8081461F80889A5B45C7A700D25C9F7081404D7B03AFCFCC50780E is still not confirmed after more than 150000s.

Could you check for me is this means that my transaction now is already sent out ?


At the moment it's hard to find reliable information on block explorers, because they can be behind in processing blocks. I'm afraid you need to give it more time.