Help Transaction pending for 2 days

Hello, I was sent Nano from Natrium to Atomic Wallet. It has been pending for 2 days. Atomic says I should contact Natrium, Natrium says it's Atomic wallets fault.
atomic said I should import my wallet into Natrium and change the representative, I did so but still pending. Please help, I attached a screenshot and my address is


Hi @lifemademe - I have tested a couple of transactions back and forth from Natrium to Atomic and it is working just fine at the moment.

Let's start with a simple question - have you logged into your Atomic Wallet since sending, or only checked via a block explorer? Logging into the wallet it will prompt it to move the funds from pending to received.

If you have tried this and the funds still remain pending, I suggest contacting Atomic again, as the transaction is certainly complete from the Natrium side.

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