Having difficulty loging into my Nano account. Please help!

A few years ago I bought some Nano and dipped my toe in the crypto scene. Last year, I tried accessing my account in nanex.co with my username and password, but it kept asking for my authnticator. The google authunticator that was in sync with my account was deleted off my phone by accident. I reached out for help with this, but never got any responses.

This year, I attempted to log in to my account again, but realized nanex.co doesn't take me to the website anymore. I still have my original 24 character keys that was issued when I made my account. Can someone please help me regain access to my account?

Nanex went out of business a while ago, but if you have your seed/mnemonic you can import it into any wallet (e.g. Natrium)

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First off, thank you for your response! How does this work exactly? This isn't my strong suit. Can I buy any wallet online ? Once I have the wallet, how do I import the funds? Is there a place within the wallet software where I can type in my 24 digit key? If my funds were on the site, am I at risk of losing those funds?

Your seed/mnemonic is the key to your funds. A wallet is just software that lets you connect to the Nano network to see and control your funds.

The Natrium wallet is a popular one that will let you import your mnemonic or seed, but you can use any wallet you want. Checkout https://nanowallets.guide for more options