Hardware wallets

would you guys think it as useful to have more nano hardware wallets?

after all as far as I am aware, the current hw wallet support goes down to Ledger (which has been recently losing trust due to its customer data breach, even tho it obviously doesnt directly affect the wallet) and Keepkey, which basically has nano support in firmware only and can only actually do anything using keepkeyctl, a command line tool which can be super annoying to use.

on the other hand it's entirely possible to take a hardware wallet that accepts custom firmware, say the coldcard (which also has a pretty good security design) and perhaps write a firmware for it to get a nano integration into these.

could this maybe help adoption as security conscious people currently dont have too many avenues for nano sadly.

Hi everyone,

I have an idea.

I looked at the NANO X Ledger and I have found it is very complicated and not useful if you do payments for everyday basis.

Guys, have you ever seen those things?

The reason it exists because banks do not trust smartphones. The initial key is always stored outside of your smartphone/computer because of high risk to be stolen or taken by Google/Apple/Microsoft or any other apps installed on your phone.

Why cannot we have something similar but for NANO? Nano Wallet

  • So no seed backup on your smartphone/laptop/pc anymore.
  • The Nano Wallet does not have any internet connection. Only terminal (smartphone or computer requires a connection to confirm the transaction).
  • You don’t need a smartphone to make payments (eg. in shops or marketplaces).
  • Months or years lasting battery and heavy duty design gives you even more security.
  • Solar charger on the back does not require electricity at all.
  • Pin protected, so in case it’s lost nobody have access to it.
  • USB allows you to import an existing wallet from PC. Or make transactions from PC via desktop app.
  • Smartphone app will require to touch the Nano Wallet (NFC) to confirm transaction. (No seed keys sent to the phone at all).
  • You touch the terminal twice. First to take the payment details check the amount on the wallet screen and confirm by typing the pin. Second touch to send the prepared hash back to the terminal. So the terminal can send it to the blockchain.
  • Ability to enter a seed (initial setup) without connecting to the pc by typing words straight on the device.

Is it possible guys?

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I have an idea.

Just one more clarification. The Wallet cannot display the ledger balance. Its purpose is to confirm transactions. You will still need to have an app on your smartphone to view the balance or receive coins from others. Same as you cannot see the balance having a payment card. But you can easily look your balance at any terminal (other smartphone, PC or kiosk) having only your Nano Wallet.

I like that you are already using the same metaphic I would use for that but yes. usually the software you use to have your hw wallet interact with the coin network (in this case Nault) can also be used as a watch wallet while the ledger isnt on the computer.

So more details:

Terminal - any device (smartphone, pc, kiosk) with nano supported api.
Nano wallet - the physical device with no access to internet, with NFC, USB, crystal display, 12-key keypad and solar charger.

  1. Take nano wallet, touch terminal.
  2. Terminal sends the amount and prepared hash to the nano wallet.
  3. User looks at the nano wallet screen, sees the amount and confirms the transaction by typing the pin.
  4. User touches nano wallet to the terminal.
  5. Tearminal receives the prepared block and sends it to the nano nodes (representatives both sides).
  6. Sent block cannot change any representatives for both wallets.
  7. Such communication cannot contain the seed.

Hope it helps.

Having to double tap seems like a deal breaker. In current payment systems, there's assumed trust where the Terminal displays the amount to be charged and the customer accepts it to be true. Maybe there could be an option to bypass the check/confirm with PIN step (there would be an upfront "unlock device with PIN" check already to prevent stolen devices from being used). Downside is that there would be no recourse for the customer if in fact the amount was not what was actually sent.

Also I'm not sure I understand how this device would work for consecutive transactions or in conjunction with transactions from other sources/wallets if it's not connected to the Internet -- how will it know the hash of the most recent block in order to sign the next one?

Could be optional for small amounts. Same as contactless bank card. Then I guess the entire NFC communication can be achieved on one touch. I am not a geek but I assume it is possible.