Future awareness

Faced by older cryptocurrencies which are more established, and newer currencies with more functionality, Nano will require a major adoption push in order to remain relevant. what is the community doing at this moment to reach such an adoption?

"More functionality" usually equates to bells & whistles with associated compromises in scalability, security, decentralisation, supply auditability etc.

By avoiding such compromises, Nano remains relevant as the most effective, efficient and user friendly solution for decentralised value transfer. Natrium wallet demonstrates this perfectly.

If you find another cryptocurrency more suitable for frictionless everyday transacting, please mention it here.

Tbh, I think marketing is mostly up to us. Have you introduced Nano to any friends or family?

The biggest issue for me is that there's still not a fast/cheap/easy way to get Nano directly in many US states (including Texas). We need a Coinbase or even LN Strike equivalent that allows people to be onboarded very quickly and easily. From there it becomes a lot easier to market as a viable Bitcoin alternative.

Additionally, most crypto adoption/marketing comes from bullruns, which is hard to trigger on purpose ha

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