Force pruning of accounts with a rep set to the burn account

As suggested here:

I guess only if the balance is 0. Maybe at protocol level also deny transactions trying to send to such account? Maybe too much computation. Maybe other implications I'm not aware off but I'll leave it here for visibility. Millions of spam accounts would take advantage of this, or maybe they are prunable already (if opened, which they must be to set a rep)?

That’s a really interesting idea!

What do you mean by this? What incentive would a bad actor have to change reps across spam accounts? Or do you mean this as a way to purge stress test accounts?

I wonder if a similar concept of speciality reps can be applied for other purposes. As an indicator to prune old account history from ledgers to offer some semblance of privacy while also slimming down ledger size? Not sure if I’m completely off base here.