Fixing Video Titles and Descriptions + NanoWall

There are countless examples of botched titling and descriptions across video sharing sites. Why not create a corrective database to address the issue? Most of the needed infrastructure is already available.

Just take NanoWall and add the following:

  • Filtering to block URLs that don’t go to video sharing sites.
  • A search engine.
  • A vote up/down system for purchasers to grade each entry.
  • A comment section for each entry. This is especially useful for destinations that have a disabled comment section.

it sounds like a pitch for a web3 app...
<insert "sir, this is a wendy's" meme>
This is the Nano forums.

Paying people for copy editing is an age-old concept. Nano is well-designed for this task. All that's needed is a means to facilitate the process.

Well, go ahead.
When your platform is ready and you need help integrating to a node for gateway operations send me a line :stuck_out_tongue: