Find a TXID?


I've used to transfer funds to Kucoin a couple years back. In changing phones, i lost access to my 2FA app with Kucoin, now theyre asking for a TXID they can match against on their system, but i can't find any TXID present within the transaction in the wallet. I still have full control of my nanowallet, so can access everything contained within.

It might just be my own ignorance, but is there a way to find the TXID?


I tricky situation if you can't remember the address you sent from or the deposit address you sent to.

If you had either of these you could check a block explorer for the block hash of the transaction. Maybe the deposit address was recorded in a notification email from Kucoin on deposit?

If you recorded your seed when setting up the wallet, you may also restore your account in another wallet via seed import and check the transaction history of the account that way.

If you don't have the seed then log in to to recover it, and if that is not possible, contact support at Nanowallet to aid with recovery.

Good luck!

Thanks for the prompt reply Andy. So just to clarify, i still have full control of my wallet, which still shows the transactions, my addresses, and the destination KuCoin address that i sent the funds to.

When KuCoin support requested that i provide a TXiD to them, there's no obvious TXiD field in to easily identify the data. Would i be correct in assuming that the TXiD that KuCoin is requesting is the same as the send block shown in nanowallet as well as nanocrawler? Or is the TXiD a different string hidden elsewhere?


Here is an example of a block hash in Nanocrawler:

Send them that hash for the send into the Kucoin deposit wallet. Maybe they have their own internal txID system but how can you query that if you can't login...