Faucet/Wallet webserver for Nano

I'm developing an App where the users will be able to earn Nano for completing tasks.
My plan is to create a webservice my app can communicate with for sending out Nano from my apps Nano wallet to the users when they have completed the task.
I think it should work something like this:

  1. User completes task
  2. The app makes a request to my webserver who makes a transaction from my apps Nano wallet to the users wallet.

I also would like to be able to check the users Nano wallet balance so the app can display this in the app.

I've tried to find solutions I can use, but have not been able to find them (or understand how to use them!...) I read a lot about Pippin, but can't wrap my head around how to set it up and use it the way I want!?....

Best Regards,