Dispersion of NANO among owners

A friend was asking me how the NANO tokens were dispersed and if the majority are in the hands of a few.

I dont know the answer to that besides that they were dispersed through CAPTCHA and some held for future development.

My question is, are the funds concentrated in the hands of a few or are they widely dispersed? how can i find out?

Thank you.

As you noted the original distribution of Nano was done via a CAPTCHA faucet, details have been laid out here: https://medium.com/nanocurrency/the-nano-faucet-c99e18ae1202. Of the original distribution 7M Nano were reserved for the development fund, which the Nano Foundation uses to continue development on the protocol.

As far as distribution of Nano across individual accounts there are some community projects which show details around them, so it might be worth exploring some of the options here: https://nanolinks.info/#network-stats-and-explorers. This Accounts and Distribution page on NanoCrawler has some useful info as well: https://nanocrawler.cc/explorer/accounts/1.

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Here is the current rich list: