Disable 2 Factor

Hello nano support team,

I've emailed a few times over the last couple months asking for assistance disabling my 2FA but I haven't heard back. I am trying to access my old nano wallet as I never moved the coins off there.

Could you please assist?

I am ARTHUR BOKANG MPSHE are rightfully owner. Can you assist me with Disable 2FA AUTHENTICATIOR

What wallet are you talking about?

Sorry for the slow response... didn't get the notification of your reply.

After the Raiblocks change, I think I moved them to the nanowallet.io which was recommended at the time but then that was retired I never retrieved them. From what I've read they are still accessible but I need to have 2FA disabled for me to get in since i've had a new phone since.

The Nano Foundation (which helps maintain this forum) is not affiliated with the nanowallet.io wallet. If you need assistance with that wallet, the best approach is to reach out to support@nanowallet.io for assistance.

I have emailed them numerous times without success so I tried here. I will circle back around w/ them.

Thanks, Zach!