Development update: V24 release changes

Recent network activities have drawn attention and resources away from ongoing foundational updates that were already underway for V24.0. Unfortunately their impact has forced us to revisit our timeline and prioritize a different set of updates to the node to help mitigate the impacts.

We are currently working on a few changes related to the management of unchecked blocks and other targets of this recent activity. Although the impact thus far has been minimal, working to mitigate future impacts is important and will take precedence over other updates.

We recently published the first V24.0 developer build (V24.0DB1) on the beta network as a baseline test of the progress made in this version so far. After that, additional updates related to the unchecked table, etc. will be made available in subsequent builds for validation before the final V24.0 release is pushed out.

Due to the shift in V24.0 plans, we will also be revisiting the broader roadmap plans, which include items such as the bounded block backlog and consensus changes. Some of these future changes need to be completed over more than one node version and those dependencies will be shared in the coming weeks as V24.0 gets closer to final release.

We appreciate the efforts and support of the nano community as we work through this change in priorities.


Colin (and the rest of the NF). Just want to say that even when there’s a more vocal minority screaming from the sidelines, many people me included, still appreciate what you guys do.

We appreciate you. Thank you for your contribution to society and humanity.

Many of us understand this is not for us. It’s for everyone. Rich, poor or even unbanked. And we will be here every day while nano keeps the vision we all love.

Let’s keep pushing and keep slowly making the next tool for people all over the world to improve their life and well being! :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry for the off topic, feel free to hide this as spam if you want!


I am really sorry sir but is there anything can do about my transaction am i waiting for confirmation over 10 hours


I am really sory for typing this to under here