Currency symbol

I like the Ñ symbol because It is very simple and elegant.

Short term - N
Long term - ℕ

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As an Spanish speaking person, I would be really proud of having our Ñ as symbol for NANO, and I think other people would also like it.

If I press the N key on my phone I only have 2 options: Ń and Ñ.

This also could have a good impact, because Spanish speaking countries see this letter as a representation of their cultures.


I created a shortcut recently in iOS where 'nn' automatically transcribes to ⩘⩗ and I like that it slopes the same way as the NANO logo - it's unique and large enough to pick up quickly.
The short-cut is loaded to iCloud and available on all my devices - including OSX.


Symbols used shown here.



Not bad👌

Not bad at all actually

I don't like ⩘⩗ really much, because it takes many spaces and doesn't align well with other symbols.

Imagine bookeeping some Nano transaction

2021-01-29 Buy Nano
    assets:nano wallet  ⩘⩗10 @ $100
    assets:fiat wallet  $1000

It aligns better using a single space symbol

2021-01-29 Buy Nano
    assets:nano wallet  ñ10 @ $100
    assets:fiat wallet  $1000
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