Currency symbol

@1Kash76 A possible downside would be similarity to the Nigerian naira (₦)

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Yeah, you want the currency symbol to be unique and that it shows some resemblance to the Nano logo.

I found this: . It’s a “Double-Struck Capital N.”
It was only used for Namecoin, as far as I know.


I like either this or the 3rd option N with the strike through.

, the double-struck capital N, is also used as symbol for the natural numbers:

My preference would be:

  1. ℕ = the double-struck capital N
  2. Ñ = N with the Nano logo over it
  3. ₦ = N with the strike through.

I was looking at the unicode table. There are a lot of good stuff there, but I liked this one:

Not all fonts have it though... It's unicode 17F7 look it up :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: There's also this article:

And this article:

Which has a list, and if Nano is displayed as N¤ I wouldn't mind


Ñ isn’t too bad actually. Not having to submit a new Unicode is great, but it doesn’t quite have the “currency look” to it.


I like Ñ since its already on the keyboard and easy to select. You're right, just hold a long press on the N key - Ñ. Done.

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I think it might grow on people over time. We're just not used to seeing it in a currency context:

!tip Ñ1
!tip 1Ñ
$1 == Ñ1?


Eh... I think there is a higher likelihood of regret. A currency symbol should be known for one thing and one thing only, that currency. Think about all the pictures you see of Bitcoin graffiti, when you see the ₿, there is no ambiguity.

I like the ៷ symbol, but more as superscript. Could have a circle around it. Simple, unique, and clearly correlated.

If it must be already in the unicode world, I like ℕ (double-struck). Not quite as frequently used as Ñ.


It is a good short term option, but I agree that for it to become iconic something original may be a better long term option.

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So we go back with @Tipanano designs. That would be a good place to start!

For the curious ones ៷ is a Khmer Script character, so if you can't see it and you are on Linux look for a ttf-khmer package and reload the page.

As some articles noticed, the BTC currency icon was present on icon sets like "font awesome" before it was on unicode, having a different unicode code, as font awesome is not supposed to be a font but an icon set... in that way, if we get a custom font with a Nano symbol we can add it to websites using CSS...


$ is used in several places, I kept Naira on nanoodle with as knano to see if I got used to it :grinning:

As well as looking like an N, the nano logo looks like a lightning bolt. I think a simplified version of this logo would suffice: like a tilde, but angular. Basically what was in @Dotcom 's post, but without the N.

Do you think using ~12.00 would throw people of as thinking it was a weird "average" indicator? (imagine the more squarish tilde in its place)

I'm still inclined to use n¤ as in Nano-Currency... abusing the fact that Nano is a metric system prefix and can be abbreviated to "n" and unicode U+00A4 ("¤") is the universal symbol for currency. Well, even n$ would fit the bill there... But sure it would be better to include the Nano bolt symbol to the unicode, right next to Bitcoin.

The logo is 3 things at the same time: It's an N, it's a lightning bolt and it's a DAG...

I think N is best:

  • The symbol should be easy for anyone to write
  • KISS principle (keep it simple)
  • It doesn't matter if it's the symbol for Newtons in physics because:
    (i) 99.9% of the population doesn't know that or care.
    (ii) context. Even people who are familiar with Newtons won't ever be confused about N meaning Nanos because of the context it's being used in.
    (iii) the N would be at the beginning of the number, not the end as in Newtons
    (iv) even the metric system uses m for both metres and milli, both are used a lot, and no one has any problem distinguishing the two meanings in use.
  • It doesn't matter if N is already used to refer to natural numbers in math because 99.99% of the population doesn't know or ever use it this way. And again, just as with Newtons, context ensures there'll never be any confusion.
  • Ñ is already used in Spanish. This is much more of a problem than N already being used for Newtons. Besides it's pronounced 'nya' in Spanish which doesn't sound anything like 'Nano'
  • personally I think the double crossed N as used for the Nigerian currency looks lousy. It doesn't have the elegance of the symbols for pounds sterling, dollars or rupees, all of which have single lines through them, and which all look good.
  • The double-struck N referred to in this thread looks good but it's difficult for anyone to write. It's too fancy.
  • Italic N like in the Nano logo is too hard to write
  • My next choice after N is underscore N. It looks better than N with a bar on top and it's easy to write.
  • My third choice is N with a bar on top as mentioned in this thread
  • lower case and upper case N should never be used to denote different amounts of Nano. That is the path to utter confusion, just as with how nano and Nano meant different amounts and were thoroughly confusing.

I like the Ñ symbol - it's easy to find on the keyboard - either mobile or standard - and it reconnects back to the nano logo elegantly. I have been using ⩘⩗ in my personal notes, but it's a bitch to type coz it's actually two maths symbols typed after each other and those symbols aren't easy to call up on mobile. I just saved them as favourites in my keyboard symbols section.

Ñ 500


Maybe a horizontally crossed N, I'm no designer so I don't have an eternity to draw it. Similar as to how BTC has a vertically crossed B, Nano can have a horizontally crossed N. Or maybe even vertically crossed twice like BTC.
Anyone willing to test those ideas?

Hey there - that is one of the suggestions in the pic at the top of this post. I think it's the symbol for the Nigerian Niara. ₦