Currency symbol

Had a designer come with some ideas regarding a currency symbol for Nano as part of his job for my Nano project. I thought I could share it here, perhaps it might spark some interest and discussion.

And sorry about the low quality, don't have access to a high res one at the moment.


These are some good designs, imo it needs to be something easy enough to be written or drawn on paper like the classics $, £, €.

So something simple but unique


Ñ = N with the Nano logo over it



I like "Ñ". :smiley:


Yeah, I like that one as well!

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It does have the advantage of not needing extra Unicode since you can approximate it with Ñ


I really like these logos. I think the third one is the best, because it is similar to already-existing currency symbols. The problem is how to type this is a computer without the need for a new Unicode symbol.

That looks like a good solution. Ñ is a good symbol because it is already incorporated to Unicode and is used in Spanish. Consider also its lowercase variant “ñ.”

A quick example: 1 234 567,89 ñ = 1 234 567,89 Ñ (just to see how it looks).


1 234 567,89 ñ = 1 234 567,89 Ñ

Yeah, I think that looks really nice, with both upper and lowercased. Could the lowercased one be used for 1/1 000 000 of a Nano?(micronano, or whatever it ends up being named)


So you say 1 ñ = 1 µÑ? Maybe that’s a bit akward, but that will depend on the desires of the community. Personally I prefer 1 ñ = 1 NANO.

I like the idea of using the spanish n is a good idea, but I dont think ñ and Ñ should denote different amounts. This will cause the capital/lower case confusion that we currently have with NANO vs nano


I like the idea of the lowercase ñ as it’s closer in-line with the actual symbol used for describing nano-measurements.


Yeah, fair point. We really want to avoid seeing another nano/NANO thing going.

But I do think we would benefit from having a nice symbol/notation for either cents or micro(or whatever it ends up being named) if we want to avoid the use of a lot of decimals for everything. One thing is if Nano goes a lot up in price at some point, but another point is that we aim to be a global currency with a focus in developing countries where 1 Nano might be a lot of money. But perhaps µÑ works for that?


I'd suggest the letter "N" because it has the following advantages:

  • Exists on any Latin keyboard already. I don't even have the GBP symbol on mine, or the Yen, or Polish Zloty. Therefore I would say that, while you could probably get a new symbol stuffed into Unicode, I don't see any chance of it being put on a keyboard. With N already being on a keyboard, it's no problem.
  • N is very simple, anyone can write it.
  • Ñ and ñ don't do anything better than N - again it's less typeable
  • N with another Nano-N on top, you'd have to squint your eyes to really see it anyway

So I nominate N.


“N” is already used for the newton, a unit of force. And the “ñ” could be less typeable, but many people have smartphones and there you should only long-press the n key to be able to see it.


True but m is also milli and meters. Probably not the only letter that has several use cases in science or as a unit in general.


Yes cool,didn't even know it worked that way. Good tip :+1:

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At least "Ñ" is easier than typing "₿".


Ñ boom. That easy. It was the first option when I held my finger on the N key.


I vote for 3rd. option or simple "N"

It guess that for countries with letter Ñ it does not sounds that cool.

N with a horizontal line through it.
#3. Simple and easy to recognize