Crypto Noob that has an interest in NANO

Hey guys im just getting into the Revolution de crypto and NANO jumped out at me, can one of you gentleman send some links for me in regards to free Nano and any inside info @ this coin please, much appreciated...oh also the best secure BTC Wallet out in the market now
cheers guys


Hi Steve, let me point you in the right direction.

Earn Nano is a good resource that lists all the places you can pick up Nano with having to buy it from an exchange or service.

There is no "inside info" as it were, but you can find stimulating discussion here, Reddit, Discord and Telegram. The community will be happy help you learn more about Nano.

For wallets, you won't get recommendations of security around these parts, but you can find a great list of Nano wallets here with features clearly outlined, some support BTC as well as Nano.

Welcome to the forums!


Thankyou so much Andy, nice & swift response(thumbs up)