Could someone help me?

Good Day,

(I'm using google translate, sorry for any spelling errors)

Guys, I made a transfer from one wallet to another, except that until now there was no completion of the transfer, and in the sending wallet, it already appears as "sent".
I was checking the block where the transfer occurred by two verifiers and while in one there is nothing, the other informs that the transaction is pending, as well as a previous transaction that has already been completed.

I am posting all the images referring to the transfer and the node watchers that I was able to verify. Can someone help me with this issue?

There have been problems for some services falling behind during a recent spam attack, consider using to receive your payment, it is an open source community developed wallet. You can also wait a few days, your funds should be fine but it may take some time for your wallet backend and some explorers to catch up.