Converting Nano to cash without joining an exchange

I want to contribute cryptocurrency (Nano if necessary) to local nonprofits who would convert to $US. I can see transferring Nano from my wallet to the nonprofits wallet. But how can the nonprofit convert Nano to $US?

Welcome! And thanks for your interest in philanthopy with Nano. (I'm a philanthropist who works at an NGO myself so I appreciate that.)

They would need an account on a crypto exchange that handles Nano as well as fiat withdrawals. In the US that would include Binance.US. They could also utilize non-fiat exchanges to convert to another crypto like bitcoin, and then send to a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase or Gemini to withdraw to their bank account.

I don't think they could avoid using an exchange on their end unless they happened to know of someone they could trust whom they could trade crypto for cash (ala localbitcoins back in the day.)