Confidentiality of the number of Nano that we have

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the confidentiality of the number of Nano that we have.
Suppose I ask someone for their public address to send them 1 Nano, for example. Then, I just have to go to the page, display the richest 5000, do a CTRL-F search on the page with its address and I fall on the quantity of Nano that the person has (if it is not in the first 5000, it will be in the following pages ...). It's not terrible anyway.

What do yiou think about that ?


Nano is a public ledger, designed to be open and transparent, so there are many explorers such as NanoCrawler, where you can search an up to date balance of any account in existence.

Just generate a new address, after you receive you can transfer all to your main or mix a little more.
The main problem is people knowing that address belongs to you, and knowing who you are.
I think a payment server from a third party or a mixing service could rid you of this problem, but first layer Nano addresses work exactly like first layer bitcoin addresses.