A separate category for price discussion would be nice :grin::+1: that way it doesn't clog up any other discussions.
Not allowing it seems odd to me. A category for anything nano fans want to BS about sounds fun. Can you only have a limited # of categories?

See Andy's comment here about the no trade/price discussion policy on the forums: Is price discussion allowed?

Wasn't really my question...but.......wouldn't a separate category for trade questions be I good idea? Or are we still pretending "real" fans aren't interested?

There is a reason we don't have it on the main Reddit or Discord. However, there are other channels where it's much better suited for that type of discussion than a support forum like this.

TNC trade channel:
Nano Trade:
The daily post at

This forum is better suited for serious long term discussions and helping people. Daily price speculations and moon talk does not fall into that category. It would also bloat the search function on this site.


Search function is great. Especially as this place grows :+1: