Breaking - Indian Supreme Court struck down its central bank ban on supporting crypto bussiness

It is really the time for nano to get involved extensively in the indian market. I am very much open to extend my full physical support to the cause. Suggest how can we reach out.

Here is a synopsis of what all went till now.

Do you have any thoughts about the best way to introduce potentially interested Indians into Nano?

What is the current most popular on ramp in India?

WazirX, CoinDCX and BitBNS are the three proactive fiat P2P onramp gateway are available as of today.

However after the positive ruling of the court these are now switching on the banking channels which would make instant deposit and withdrawals to the traders.

Also its is expected that many new players and also those who shut shop after the banking ban will also start operations.

Trading Volume Spikes are greatly anticipate

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