Bit of help getting GoNano running pls

hello - am attempting to get gonano GitHub - hectorchu/nano-payment-server: A payment server for NANO running on my Mac. Am running in debug mode using VS Code. I'm new to Go and Nano dev.

Can anyone help with:

  • at handler.go l73 a.Address resolves to an account id with "...+1 more" appended - is that expected?
  • the call to client.AccountInfo on that line returns an error value with message ""invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value""

Amends to code from the GitHub are:

and I also cleared the database and added known wallet _seed value in config table.

I'm calling the backend at localhost:7080/payment/new using Postman with JSON that works fine when I target


If nobody is able to help you here, you can try to reach out to Hector.
I'm not aware of Hector Chu's handle here. Maybe you want to try the reddit handle?
Or you create an issue at github.

thanks - yes he's assisted via Reddit.

Update for anyone hitting this in the future - ports were not needed in URL setup.

(& a useful resource