Binance transfers ready to be received

Hi! I have made some transfers to my Binance Nano Wallet, but the transfers are “ready to be received” but the wallet does not receive the amounts.
What can I do? I tried to make some more minor deposits “free ones”, and they are also pending…
Tried to convert some cripto in my other binance wallets to the nano wallet but the transfers are not received.

Wallet : nano_3r7jccprr94jfz353kgqmp91xqmkzdd5umd4ror3a4eweu5acbahn88bujr9

Thanks for your help :pray:

Have you received your transfers?

Hi! No. The transfers are all still pending to be received.

@Dronemen It sounds like your query would be best dealt with by the support team.

Please see the link below to our dedicated support line:

Support :Litecointalk live support

Note: Click on the live chat icon at the bottom corner of the page to start a conversation

Litecoin talk? But I’m refering Nano transfers…

It’s not only about litecoin mate and you can use the live chat :speech_balloon: option to check if your issue can be resolved.

Thanks :+1: will try that!

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Just create ticket ID and check if you can see any live support active