Automatic generation of receive block


I have some concerns about why a receive block is treated as the other blocks. I understand it's utility, but I don't see why receive blocks require pow and why they are not automatically generated by the network once the correspondent send block has been accepted through consensus.

This would reduce the load on the network and improve the efficiency of pruning as there will not be unreceived transaction to keep track of.

To accommodate the changes, the pow for send and change blocks should be computed with respect to the last send or change blocks (ignoring receive blocks as the user does not have anymore control on them).

What do you think about it? What don't I see?

The receivers private key is needed to sign the receive block into their chain. The network can't do that without the receivers wallet being online.


only you can add blocks to your wallet, that's what receives are for

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One thing to consider is if the network "somehow" automatically adds a receive block to your chain then I can spam your account and you won't be able to add a send block to your chain.

One other advantage of having receive blocks be generated "by you" (under you control) is that you can reject transactions if you don't want them. Imagine a criminal sends you money. You want to reject it. It's nice to be able to say "don't accept this transaction"

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