Are off-line payments possible?

Can I make transactions with other people without internet connection?
So we can agree with the transactions and then later when internet is accessible the transactions can be verified with representatives.
It will be very useful when people are in the field with no internet. Especially in poor countries.
Eg. the transaction can be performed via Bluetooth or NFC.

Also it could be a very cool feature which can highlight NANO as the most decentralized cryptocurrency.

Thanks everyone.

There isn't a way to do this without some risk on the party accepting funds. In some controlled circumstances it may be possible but without confirmation on the network first, these funds can still be spent elsewhere e.g the user (or anyone with their seed) could just go make another block for the same root (previous) on their chain and publish it on the network before you do.


I guess it could be possible if the person is very known.
So same situation with counterfeit money. If you don't trust someone you'd better go with him via bank (straight over nano network) to confirm the transaction.

I mean if it's my friend or friend's friend it could be ok. But if fraud happened, I would need to chase him to solve the issue, like in real money world.

Just needs some warning for users making that kind of transaction. And afterwards mark the transaction as "Confirmed by participants". Later after it confirmed by the network, the transaction marked as "Confirmed by network".

What do you think guys?

This is basically the same as saying "Hey, I'l pay you 5 Nano once I get connection". Totally based on trust.
Or an app that allows you to schedule the transfer to once you have connection, then you can show the proof of scheduling to the payee.
It's all the same thing, and none of them imply changes to the Nano protocol.

If somebody I do not trust to it would be like you described.
But if those people I know and the transaction can be made based on the simple balance condition I would go with it without any hassle.

Let's say I sell services and send an invoice with bank details to somebody. Why should I worry that somebody will not pay the invoice later?

I am talking about trusted people. It is not about buying drugs or some other crap or see the guy first time and have no details where he lives.