Any one can help me, tranfers Nano from Wenano to Natrium wallet it still pending on ~2day....

I have transfers 0.41 Nano from Wenano to Natrium wallet but it still pending ..., what happent what i do now...

It's strange that it's shown as pending, because according to nanolooker a corresponding receive block has been issued. The funds should be in your Natrium wallet.
Given you have the seed, I'd recommend logging out of Natrium and importing the seed again.

Make sure you have the seed, otherwise all funds in Natrium will be lost!

If that doesn't help, using the seed in a different wallet like Nault comes to mind, but you can run into issues, if you use the same seed in different wallets at the same time. So use the seed either in Natrium xor in Nault.

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