Anti spam. What about scalability + limiting accounts?

So, seeing that ddos and attacks can be something that makes people worried.
I have 3 thing to discuss.
The first one: is that really a problem?
They cannot attack forever, so the transactions speed always comes to normal again. I was making two transactions yesterday and maybie it takes 30 second each . Well is not 1 second..but who cares? Who cares if its 30min a transaction one day but normaly is extremly fast (and fucking free!).
For sure is something to work with, but im not too much worried about (and looks like the market isn't it too.)
Anyway had someone lost hist transaction because of the system (not because human mistake) ?somebothy? Or had nano ever been hacked? Can they shut the net down spaming? How manny time?

Second thing: im not a enginieer. Would be hard to increase scalability? Cause the only real issue is if they are able to shut the network down. So lets be sure that this cant happend.

Third thing, how to avoid this issue?: implementing limits. but limits on what? I think the clever action is not to limit money but accounts. And see if it works How? I have no idea but u will find the way.

And if this issue grows and becomes a real truble, all the enginers dont find the way to solve and it becames stressing for everybothy well, lets put a limit on money. lets say we limit the minimum to one cent USDollar on Nano.
According the price it has. I imagine is easy to do that?
who send less than that? Spammers.
I understand 50cents or 0.10usd is too much cause there is people playing games or tipping that will be angry, but 1cent? This kind of users will be incentivate and the rest we dont care cause we dont send 1 cent, even in the poorest country (i think).

  1. Yes, they can attack forever. Or more specifically until their target is completely destroyed (rendered without value), by which they can profit by short selling (or being invested in a competitor in the same niche). So long as there is profit there is incentive to a spam attacker.
  2. 30 minutes is unacceptable in many situations and use cases for Nano, such as trying to pay for something at the checkout line of a store or for a meal at a restaurant for example.
  3. Nano will not be permanently lost solely because of spam. AFAIK Nano's protocol is secure and has never been hacked.
  4. The network has been partly to largely shut down for several weeks due to spamming, and some exchanges are still not accepting deposits or withdrawals.
  5. Yes it is hard to increase scalability. If it were easy everyone would have done it already. Pretty much every major crypto project is trying to improve on this measure. There's a reason BTC is limited to ~7 TPS, and that people feel like Nano is doing pretty well, all things considered, around 100 TPS. There's a reason people are stuck paying $50/TX on Ethereum in an effort to outbid for scarce transaction space. Global adoption will require more on the scale of 1 million TPS, so this is a huge challenge.
  6. If you read the posts down below on this forum you'll see some of the work that is being done to counter spamming and increase scaling. Keep in mind any changes need to be absolutely safe and secure and require much thought and testing. If any have any weaknesses they WILL be exploited.
  7. Lower limits on account balances and/or TX are part of the discussion. Note that some forms of spam attacks involve "normal" transaction sizes so this is not a total fix.

I'm not an expert/dev (though I was an engineer in a former life), so if anyone can correct me on any of this we'll all appreciate it.

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