Address Usage Best Practice

Hi, I´m wondering about best practices regarding address usage.
¿Is it safe/private to reuse an address in Nano, or what are the problems with doing so?
Just trying to know how and why to work with Nano coin.

Hi @inazio

It is technically safe to use the same nano address. There are no problems with doing that.

Privacy wise, people can see how much you own. If someone sends you some nano, or you send nano to someone, they can see your total balance.

Address reuse privacy applies in a similar way to Bitcoin, which there is a Wiki page about with a lot of details:

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Address books are great... but be careful ....I have a natrium wallet. I usually buy btc from coinbase/Gemini/ then I send it to binance to buy nano. When I withdraw the nano it always comes from the same I foolishly labeled it @binance. One day I was driving and not even paying attention.....I accidentally sent 300 nano to that address (the binance hot wallet. ) It was 100% my fault. @binance was a receiving address. Just be careful to label your address well👍

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Thanks a lot, @gak, that answers my question. Safe but not private. Cheers

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I'm just wondering how much using different addresses for every/most of the transactions will ruin the "using crypto experience" when the time comes to fill the taxes...

Any thoughts?

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This doesn't appear to be very solid advice.