Add a Try Nano page to with simple, step by step instructions on getting Nano from a faucet

(Identical to the reddit post

I'm quite certain Nano is the only currency that's able to offer faucets as simple as freenanofaucet and nano-faucet (or at least, I had a quick look and the faucets for other currencies want me to register first).

Why not make use of that and dedicate to showing just how easy it is to get and use Nano? Most of the information already exists on the website, so it's just a matter of formatting.

  1. Get a wallet such as (list of simple wallets and how to find the wallet address in each one)
  2. Go to a faucet, paste in the address and hit send
  3. Milliseconds pass
  4. Nano

Tell your friends! Use it for small bets or something.
Accept donations for your website/game/art/twitch in Nano!
Play games for Nano!
Get Nano with WeNano!
Need more Nano? Check out exchanges!
Spend your Nano at (list of websites accepting Nano)!

  1. Learn more about Nano

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People stumbling across the website would be able to try it out easily, and people sharing Nano would be able to directly link to the try nano page without needing to walk their friends through it. It would also look less like a scam when ^shilling on twitter, being the official website and all. I know I'd be more willing to tell my friends, at least.

Try > Get > Accept/Build

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Thanks for sharing. I will ensure our team reviews for consideration.

Thanks Zach!

Made something like what I'd described, just a lot simpler.

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What about "get free nano" as the main title? Might sound a bit scammy but I'm sure its effective marketing haha. Or maybe "Get free nano and try it out yourself!" I would have checked that out

I'm afraid of making it sound too scammy, people already think something like Nano's just too good to be true, after all. But maybe a little aggression is a good thing, who knows?

yes, that's a valid obstacle