Add a Try Nano page to with simple, step by step instructions on getting Nano from a faucet

(Identical to the reddit post

I'm quite certain Nano is the only currency that's able to offer faucets as simple as freenanofaucet and nano-faucet (or at least, I had a quick look and the faucets for other currencies want me to register first).

Why not make use of that and dedicate to showing just how easy it is to get and use Nano? Most of the information already exists on the website, so it's just a matter of formatting.

  1. Get a wallet such as (list of simple wallets and how to find the wallet address in each one)
  2. Go to a faucet, paste in the address and hit send
  3. Milliseconds pass
  4. Nano

Tell your friends! Use it for small bets or something.
Accept donations for your website/game/art/twitch in Nano!
Play games for Nano!
Get Nano with WeNano!
Need more Nano? Check out exchanges!
Spend your Nano at (list of websites accepting Nano)!

  1. Learn more about Nano

Changing Principal Representatives

People stumbling across the website would be able to try it out easily, and people sharing Nano would be able to directly link to the try nano page without needing to walk their friends through it. It would also look less like a scam when ^shilling on twitter, being the official website and all. I know I'd be more willing to tell my friends, at least.

Try > Get > Accept/Build


Thanks for sharing. I will ensure our team reviews for consideration.

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Thanks Zach!

Made something like what I'd described, just a lot simpler.


What about "get free nano" as the main title? Might sound a bit scammy but I'm sure its effective marketing haha. Or maybe "Get free nano and try it out yourself!" I would have checked that out

I'm afraid of making it sound too scammy, people already think something like Nano's just too good to be true, after all. But maybe a little aggression is a good thing, who knows?

yes, that's a valid obstacle

Hey, I actually made a site specifically for users to try out nano by walking them through it step-by-step:

Step 1. Send nano from a faucet to a wallet we generate for them
Step 2. Sending the nano back and forth between two wallets and see the transaction results
Step 3. Set up a private wallet and claim the nano by sending it the private wallet.
Step 4. Done!

You can try it out yourself at:

The code is open source and available on Github (also linked in the footer at the bottom of the page)

Besides some mobile-friendly issues + a couple bonus features I'm planning to fix/add this weekend, the site is ready to use and fully working, and has gotten great feedback on r/nanocurrency. The site was also pinned to the sidebar of the subreddit by the subreddit community manager.

I think if the Nano team decides to create a page like this, linking them to this site would be a great way for users to quickly try out Nano and see just how fast and easy it is to use!


hi there,

i took the liberty of trying out your trynano page. it sent some nano, but the trynano page didn't change and continued to display 'not received'. i tried it a few more times before it felt like i was a bot dripping faucet funds to your wallet.

while it is possible that the other steps in your tutorial would give a nice graphical representation of how nano moves and functions, i have to encourage the promotion of wenano instead. it was my own (accidental) gateway into nano and for a newbie, it checks all of the boxes for guiding people down a path of learning.

  • internal wenano wallet is self-generated for the user (easy!)
  • after the become proficient they can create a cold wallet for grown-ups, such as natrium
  • hunting for real world spots to chat with others, learn as i did through these social networks and collect faucet drips, pass around tips, use the integrated marketplaces

i realize that wenano is a separate entity from but there should be no need to waste resources to try and reinvent what i feel works exceptionally well at welcoming and teaching nano users. the widespread adoption of nano is the common end result, non?

While I agree that WeNano is a brilliant way of pushing adoption for Nano, IMO the friction of needing to download the app and get set up is where I will disagree on your point that it should be the single promoted gateway into the Nano ecosystem and community.

Having a site like TryNano which aims to reduce all of that friction all by simply typing in a URL into their web browser is understated here.

While I’m disappointed that the site did not work for you when you tried it, I’m committed to keep improving the site and making it more reliable and easy to use (check my most recent comments in that Reddit post to see the upcoming v2 feature list; mobile support has already been added!). Thanks for the feedback and I hope you will consider giving my site another chance in the future :slight_smile:

definitely keep up with it. i might also recommend a graphical representation to make it more appealing to the very beginners. it takes a bit of time to recognize between different addresses.
your site is well suited for the age demographic that i suspect that you and i both belong. being able as i am to view the mobile phone habits of teenagers, there is ZERO hesitation among them to download any new app. plus, if that impulse of curiosity results in actually possesing their very own 0.01 nano as opposed to seeing this string of numbers send funds to that string of numbers... all the better.
end result: this should not be about any one single method of introduction.

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