Account has not been opened yet

I have seen several posts here with various wallets with this problem. None of the posts seem to address how to fix the issue. I have a Nano wallet with Guarda desktop version. I have pending coins from an exchange being sent to my wallet. The transaction actually says it is complete even though the wallet isn't opened. I've tried import my Guarda wallet to my phone, zero balance. Then importing it to Natrium, zero balance. No errors messages just zero.

Nanocrawler and Nanolooker says " This account hasn't been opened yet. While the account address is valid, no blocks have been published to its chain yet. If NANO has been sent to this account, it still needs to publish a corresponding block to pocket the funds." Nanolooker says there are pending funds.

I wrote the original post 10 minutes ago but have been working on how to fix this for a couple hours. This post actually help me fix my problem:

Right now I'm questioning Nano's approach with transactions and validation. Why did my coin transaction go through? When I imported my wallet and every time I checked the balance why did I not get one single error message? Maybe you guys should had an official wallet to show how to do it right? I'm just a minor player but I won't be holding on to my Nano.

The transaction went through because the sender published a send block. You need to publish a receive block in order to receive it. Until you do, the Nano is in limbo, waiting to be received. This is because only the private key holder is allowed to publish blocks that modify their own chain, and thus, account balance. Atomic currently doesn't do the latter properly, for whatever reason.

There is no official wallet as community developers out-developed it with their own wallets, if I'm not mistaken. Nault might as well be the official wallet.

I understand why it happen, in my opinion I believe this a flaw in design. There should be some indication on the sending of funds that there is a potential problem. In my opinion this should not have went through to an unopened account. There also should have been an error message in the beginning checking the balance. Four wallets said the balance was zero no error message including Nault. I shouldn't have to look in the network explorer to see there is a problem. From my troubleshooting I've seen this error occur on Atomic, Guarda, and Exodus.

I'm having the same issue. The transaction finally shows as pending on, but I still have the "This account hasn't been opened yet" message.

I followed the steps in that article all the way until the end when it said to contact Atomic through email, which I didn't do because I was using Exodus.

What happened when you contacted Atomic?
How did you get the account "opened"?

This is not a very encouraging first experience.

Please tell us how to publish a recive block! I'm kind of new in this and I have the same problem between Kucoin and Binance. One more time how do I activate the account and what I need to do to publish a recive block to actually recive my NANOs? Please help! I'm loosing hope in here and this experience with nano makes me think seriously about giving up everything I have for the long run ...