Accessing Old Coins

Hi, gang

I'm trying to access a few old RaiBlocks (now NANO) that I own. I was one of the lucky ones who actually did get their coins off BitGrail. It's been a while, but here's what I have:

  1. A key code beginning with id_c6....
  2. Old log-in info for BitGrail
  3. Two-factor codes for BitGrail and

Is this enough to retrieve anything off this coin? I've tried Raiwallet, Natrium, Nanowallet, Nault, and Exodus. It's possible that I'm doing something wrong, but everything looks like a dead end.

Thanks much for any feedback..

Hi Ready4Action,

Welcome back!

Do you have your seed? This is the key to finding your Nano in your position. You would have been recommended to store the 64 Hex code somewhere incredibly safe and ideally not digitally - See more info here >

As I am sure you are aware, you can no longer access Bitgrail and, Raiwallet to my knowledge has not operated for many years, apologies. I wish you all the best with your seed hunt and let us know if we can be of more help,


EDIT: That ID code format is from web version which uses the same credentials as Raiwallet to my knowledge

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Thanks so much! You have given me something to work with.


HA! --- I accessed my coins and now have them stored safely in another wallet.

Again, thanks very much.. :smiley:


So happy to hear that! Enjoy!

Hi George, I tried accessing my Nano after a couple of years and had to go through updating my Ledger's firmware. Following that I restored my seed to get my Nano currency loaded, however I see only partial and not all coins. I went back to Binance history and was able to locate the account number Binance transferred the missing Nano to. I have been adding accounts in Nault to get to the missing account but no luck. Is there a quicker way to get to the account on my Ledger since I have the number handy?

Hey @newbie, I don't believe there is an easy way to do that on the Ledger.

There is a service here that will allow you to sweep your seed for all funds on all accounts, and send them on to an address of your choosing automatically.

Perhaps this will help solve your problem :slight_smile: