Acces old IOS wallet

I used to be quite in to crypto and nano especially and remember storing my nano on a iOS wallet that just launched back in 2018. I want to get back into it and access that wallet again, and still have the seed but I now own an android device and can't seem to find a way to get back to my old wallet.
I looked through old emails and the wallet was still in development I think but it was an official dev supported project. I had to install it through TestFlight (a service that allowed to download in development apps without the appstore if i remember correctly). I will attach a screenshot of the e-mail that invited me to download the wallet.
Does anybody know if and how I can still access the wallet? thanks in advance! as mentioned, I do have the wallet seed written down somewhere.

Hi Sam, the wallet was deprecated back February of 2020, so I recommend you restore via your seed in one of the many new wallets available.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply. I just installed Natrium on my android. Should I just enter the seed in the import seed section? that doesn't seem to be workling, maybe because it wasn't a natrium wallet before? or do i create a new natrium wallet and then import my old one into that? I'm no expert by far so maybe I'm saying some nonsensical things haha.

When you are trying to restore via Seed in Natrium, take care to click the small plant icon in the corner to change the input from 24 words to you 64 character seed.

That should do it :slight_smile:

Is it still possible to retrieve your seed from the Nano Wallet?

What Nano Wallet are you talking about? The NanoWalletCompany mobile or desktop wallets?

I have NANO in the iOS Wallet just as was mentioned in the original post. I no longer have the iOS or desktop app, however.

In order to access your Nano you would need your seed. There are instructions on the site for getting your seed if you still have the app: - but it sounds like you may not. If you uninstalled the app and didn't previously save the seed somewhere, there would be no path to recovering the Nano. I would double check these things and look to get your seed. Then you can look for another wallet to use the seed with here:

I have, sadly it seems the seed is simply incorrect :frowning:
thanks for the help though. seems ill have to buy some new nano :stuck_out_tongue:

Sam, before you give up, try adding additional accounts after you restore.

Seeds hold multiple valid addresses and you should certainly generate 10 new ones or so to check the seed fully.

what do you mean with after I restore? I don't think I know what you mean at all haha, sorry

After you load your seed into Natrium, hit settings and add additional accounts.

I'm afraid you misunderstood, when I enter my seed into the 'import wallet' in natrium, it tells me my seed is invalid.

Sorry Sam, in that case, you may be incorrectly inputting your seed or you have recorded it incorrectly.

Can you be certain the seed you recorded contains 64 hexadecimal characters?

Nano's private key(s) have been traditionally derived from a 64 character, uppercase hexadecimal string (0-9A-F). - Integration Guides - Key Management - Nano Documentation

You might also want to give Nault's Wallet Sweeper a go which is able to handle different formats of seeds.