About the Protocol Design category

This category is for detailed discussion of the Nano protocol design, including implemented and proposed features. Below are details about other channels which support discussion around these topics in different formats and tips for how to best leverage discussions across them.

The chat server (https://chat.nano.org) helps support more spontaneous and real-time conversations around protocol design, most notably in the #protocol channel and occasional feature specific channels.

For anyone participating on Discord, please consider moving any insights or thoughts coming out of those conversations into related topics here to help provide better persistence and discoverability.

This forum may be a preferred format for some users over GitHub and there will definitely be lots of overlap between the two channels. Please link between them when appropriate to help connect content. Ultimately solutions to be implemented or updates to documentation will need a related GitHub issue or pull request in the related repository:

Other channels
Although less popular for protocol design topics, any technical discussions on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other channels should help spread content awareness by linking back to these forums. The more we share, the more participation we have, and the more Nano can grow and improve!