A rental lock box in the city centrum for tourists luggage, using only Nano!

Hello friends!

There is a service that provides rental lock boxes for tourists so they can have a safe and convenient place to store their luggage while they are exploring a new city.

I thought this is a great idea, and it could be even better if that system uses Nano.
I have a garage storage space in the middle of the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Full of hostel tourist who will be very glad to have this service available.

So the idea is to build lets say 50 small storage lockboxes inside that place and rent them out individually using only Nano as a payment method!

This is where you come in for technical help and business partnership.

I need someone to help me create a Nano payment system (preferable in Python) which will work something like this:

We have to create a simple app showing a map of all the storage boxes in your area.
A tourist installs that app lets say its called: NanoRentalLuggageSpace.
On the map it show where are the storage boxes located in the city.
He then chooses a storage box and heads over there.
Unlocks the main door of the garage for 1$ worth of Nano (for security reasons, so no random people just wonder inside)
He enters the space and chooses a size of a box container he needs. (there could be even bigger sizes for storing bikes etc.)
The pricing depends of the size of the storage he uses and the time he was using it for.

Here is how I imagine it would work.

I am not sure if every container has to have a different barcode, or you can give me a better idea.

The idea is when the tourist is ready to pick the luggage he just scans the barcode pays with nano, and the box unlocks.

Let me know what you think!
Thank you!

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I can recall times when I was in need of such services.

I think the biggest challenge here would be getting Nano into these tourist's wallets. As a forgetful tourist, I sometimes forget to convert my currency into local currency.

Do you have a plan to help folks convert their currencies into Nano or do you just plan to serve the Nano market?

Apps like this can be built for $5-$10k with 3rd parties, but getting users is the hardest part of any mobile app.

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I do not have a plan for people to convert fiat to Nano.
Providing the service only for Nano holders.
You are right! Getting users might be tricky.

Thank you!

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Reading through this hacker news thread made me think of you. Check out the site mentioned and see how they set up their service.

1: Build out the same service they're offering and grow in your market before they reach you.
2: Grow on your own or force them buy you out when they start their international expansion?

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