2017 Raiblocks wallet - Instructions needed to transfer to new wallet


I have an old Raiblocks wallet from 2017. It has 2 addresses. I've been able to see the address balances on nanolooker.cc. I believe I have the seed phrase but I'm not sure if the seed phrase covers both addresses.

I've read a few posts about how to go about importing to a newer wallet application. Some things I've done are:

  1. Read this article on Medium - Nano Wallets - Security and Convenience
  2. Checked Nano Wallets Guide
  3. Tried configuring a new nault.cc wallet and importing via seed phrase (but then I get a 0 balance).
  4. Tried Natrium wallet, same issue as 3 above

I've seen other people had this problem but somehow got past it. I've not been able to find the method people used to get past the 0 balance showing after importing seed phrase. Can anyone post it here if they know it?

I'm also not sure if the seed phrase covers both addresses. Is that how it works? If I import the seed phrase, will both addresses show up?

Finally, I'm on Raiblocks wallet v7.8.4. I've seen that the app has an option to "Backup/Clipboard wallet seed" but when I click that option nothing happens. Probably because it's disconnected since block 282381 (1276746), or maybe not?

Is there any way to get the app to generate the wallet seed now it's disconnected?

Asking for a friend :smile:

BOUNTY: 1,000 XNO for the instructions that make the difference. Instructions only. I won't be giving out seed phrase or address info. Info must be posted here. I'll not be answering DMs. I've been scammed too many times in crypto :slight_smile:


I think I've made some progress. The seed is being imported but the address needs to be generated. I've tried spamming account creation but no luck yet. There's millions of addresses for each seed.

Does anyone know of any way to generate specific addresses associated with a seed?

https://nault.cc/sweeper can help you sweep a range of addresses (max 100 at a time).

Thanks. I'll take a look.

Another potential option: